Terms & Conditions

Flights Game suggests you go through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ given on the website, prior to getting to or acquiring any kind of information and beside that, prior to booking with us. By getting to visit through our site, you consent to agree to the T&C’s. Assuming you don't acknowledge these Terms, you are strongly prescribed to not continue further.

By getting to this page, you're consenting to recognize that we might change these Terms, under any condition whenever, without giving any prior notice. We urge you to review or survey these Terms before buying or looking for any information. Your use of the website continually will be dependent upon the Terms essentially at the time of use. Flights Game additionally encourages you to go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions that you choose to book with us. In the event that you wish to continue further, following are our services or terms referenced, which you ought to pay attention to:

Refund time span for all cancellations of flights made within 24 hours of booking the flight will be 48-72 hours. On the off chance, if there’s an urgency of refund demand, you should contact your bank and get the Auth Code.

In case of cancellations made straightforwardly with the air carriers, you must bring into notice of Flights Game and a sum equivalent to the Base charges, after service expense and duties, will be refunded by our end.

Fares are not ensured until tagged and may change with sending earlier notification.

If on the off chance that the airline booked is not any more accessible, we will give you substitute alternatives. You have the rights to drop the booking with no expense charged or select the new alternative at the at present accessible fare.

Once the payment is done, the ticket(s) will be messaged to you in the time span of 4 hours of acknowledgment of full payment.

On the off chance that your credit card gets declined, you will be sent an email or be contacted through phone. In such cases, it is the client's obligation to address the bank and ensure that you have sufficient balance in your card for further issuance of tickets.

Additional charges might apply for utilizing various cards.

You are not allowed to change your name. In case there are any mistakes in the booking/ticket, the client should report it around the same time as soon as the ticket is issued.

Changes or cancellation of your flight ticket are profoundly affected via aircraft penalties, though a few tickets, even in the wake of being non-refundable, might be reusable later according to the passage rules of the Airline.

It is the client's obligation to ensure that each of the details mentioned on your travel documents are right and in case of any inconsistencies or errors, draw it out into the open with us right away. Kindly get a VISA preceding your takeoff date. Flights Game doesn't arrange Visas. Kindly guarantee to get a VISA for the country you are making a trip to and the nations on the way (if appropriate). For more data on Visa, reach out to the airlines or office of the individual country.

Flights Game doesn't assume any liability if an aircraft reschedules, is cancelled or delayed due to certain conditions. For all reservations booked through us, we will attempt to help with making new plans, if you have not currently checked in with your aircraft for your first flight portion. After your check-in, you should work straightforwardly with the carrier to arrive at your destination or to make any substitute courses of action, including alterations to return back the services. Carrier expenses regularly apply for changes to airplanes not related to aircraft forced flight rescheduled, cancellations or delays. These charges will be payable to the aircraft straightforwardly at the hour of the solicitation.